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How To Do A 30 Day Financial Fast

The first time my hubby and I tried a 30 day financial fast was last August. And, surprisingly, we did better than I thought we would! Were we 100% successful? Well, no. In fact, you can check my Instagram highlight to see how much we actually spent that month. But, we did learn a lot…

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Best Books About Money: Must Reads

I love to read. In fact, reading is easily one of my favorite things to do in the world! But, I know many of y’all don’t love reading. Unfortunately for y’all non-readers, books can be an amazing resource for learning about personal finance. That’s why I decided to compile a list of the best books…

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Frugal Date Ideas: Cheap, Creative and Cute

When I first started my financial journey, I basically cut out all the fun stuff. I started doing no spend challenges and stopped buying unnecessary things. Thankfully, I’ve begun paying some debt off. (Yay!) And, I’ve also started putting some money into our sinking funds. So, I’m finally starting to feel more comfortable in my…

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How to Set Financial Goals: The Ultimate breakdown

If you follow me on Instagram, you know how much I talk about goal setting. I firmly believe it is the most important part of someone’s financial journey. Why? Because without a destination, where are you going to go? In the end, a whole bunch of nowhere! I know I’ve previously touched on goal setting…

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Free Family Activities to do in 2021

Saving money can be boring. At least, that’s what most people think. The idea of controlling your spending is unappealing for that very reason. But, I’ve found that you just need a little creativity to keep things fun while sticking to your budget! Especially when you’ve got kids to entertain. So, with summer coming up,…

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Setting Up a Budget: Everything You Need to Know

Previously, we’ve discussed why creating a budget can be so important. And we even discussed the basics of budgeting. But I have gotten a ton of questions about those articles. The main one is wondering why I tend to shy away from giving you actual numbers to use.  Fortunately, that ends today. Well, sort of.…

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Things to Stop Buying in 2021 To Save Money

Y’all really liked my post about living a more frugal life. So I thought I’d build on that a little bit. Because there are always more ways to save money if you’re willing to look. And we all know I am! Since many of you live much busier lives than me, I do not mind…

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Which Savings Account is Best for Me?

Alright, last week we talked about side hustles to help cushion our income! So today I thought we could discuss what to do with that extra money. Because I’m sure the thought has crossed your mind. Should you celebrate and spend it all? Or put it in a savings account? Try paying off your debts?…

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Side Hustles: 50 Work from Home Ideas

A couple of weeks ago, we talked about the basics of budgeting. This involved analyzing our wants versus our needs. We used that information to form a basic plan for our budgets. Since many of us have to cut back when we create a budget, we then discussed living frugally. This helps to lower your…

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How to Live Frugally and Save Money in 2021

Last week we talked about budgeting. Which is super riveting information, I know. But it is the key to having a positive relationship with money. Particularly because it helps you learn to control your spending habits. Before that, we also touched on how to save money on groceries. Because if you’re anything like me, that’s…

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How to Make a Budget for Beginners

Last week, we talked about the basics of personal finance. You were able to get more comfortable with the idea and become more financially literate. That is amazing because I know first hand how big of a step that is! It takes true inner strength to commit to working on your finances. But don’t worry,…

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Financial Literacy: The Beginner’s Guide

When I first started this blog, I had no idea what I was doing. Nor did I ever think I’d be teaching other women about financial literacy. I was bored, stuck in quarantine, lonely, and simply needed an outlet. At the time, everything I did revolved around my toddler. We had just realized going back…

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No Spend Challenge: How to be Successful

You always hear that it just takes 30 days to form a habit. 30 days of consistently working at something to change your entire behavior around that particular subject. It seems like a daunting task, but if you think about it… That month is going to go by either way. Whether you’re working on yourself…

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How to Save Money on Groceries

One of the BEST ways to properly learn how to manage your money is to save money on groceries. Okay, let me back up. You must first learn to track your spending. Seriously, do this before you make a single change! I know you’re feeling super motivated after reading all those blog posts telling you how…

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Top Ten Frugal Christmas Activities for the Family

This year has set a lot of us back financially, my little family included! In fact, for the sake of transparency, I’ll just let you know that we recently dared to look at one of my hubby’s pay stubs. And he is making half – yes, half – of what he made last year! Now,…

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