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Frugal Date Ideas: Cheap, Creative and Cute

When I first started my financial journey, I basically cut out all the fun stuff. I started doing no spend challenges and stopped buying unnecessary things. Thankfully, I’ve begun paying some debt off. (Yay!) And, I’ve also started putting some money into our sinking funds. So, I’m finally starting to feel more comfortable in my abilities. But, I want to start adding some fun back into the mix. Without blowing my budget of course! Because life is all about balance. Therefore, this brought me to research some frugal date ideas!

But, Why Should I Try Frugal Date Ideas?

Now, if you’re already budgeting for date nights or prefer traditional dates, this might not be for you. And that’s totally okay. But, many of us like trying new things and having fun experiences with our partner. All while doing it frugally. So, that way, we can put the money we save toward other things. Such as paying off a debt or saving for your goals. The option is up to you! But, I highly recommend giving some a try before dismissing the idea. For instance, you might find that you truly enjoy yourselves!

Frugal Date Ideas

Creative And Fun Frugal Date Ideas

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First: For Home

Host A Game Night

To begin with, y’all should invite another couple over and host a fun game night! You could use board games, card games, or video games for this.

Learn A New Recipe

Break out YouTube and try to cook a new dish together! It could be a meal, an interesting dessert, or even something random you’ve been craving.

In Home Movie Night

Turn on Netflix, Hulu, HBO, or Prime. Binge watch a few movies while enjoying some yummy snacks in bed!

Plan A Vacation

What could be more fun than planning your dream vacation? Furthermore, y’all can pick destinations, flights, and hotels together!

Research Your Family History

This is something that has always interested my hubby and me. In addition to a nice date, how cool would it be to find out you’re royalty!?

Host A Potluck

Seriously, this sounds like such a fun date idea! You get to spend time with family and friends. Not to mention, all the yummy food!

Have Dinner Under The Stars

While bugs may be an issue, some twinkling lights, candles, and flowers are all you’d need for the perfectly romantic frugal date night!

Fun and Frugal Date Nights

Second: Day Date Ideas

Picnic In The Park

Pack a lunch and enjoy a picnic in one of your favorite parks. Don’t forget to find a shady, quiet spot to spend the afternoon together!

Go Hiking

One of my personal favorite frugal date ideas, is to go for a hike! It’s fun, relaxing, and a great time to communicate. All while enjoying nature!

Take A Class

Does learning something new with your loved one sound like fun? Thankfully, you can try virtual or in-person classes for your next date!


Find a local volunteering opportunity and make a date of it! For example, a highway clean-up day. Whoever picks up the most trash wins!

DIY Something

If you’ve been wanting to try a DIY project, now is the time! It should be noted that these can get expensive, so start small! Furthermore, you may find a new talent and be able to start a business!

Likewise, Create A Side Hustle

What could be more frugal than making money on a date? Fortunately, there are tons of opportunities to try out!

Catch A Matinee

Unfortunately, going to the movies can get expensive. But, if you go in time for the matinee, it’s usually significantly cheaper! To top it off, y’all can grab a lunch special after!

Third: Nighttime Dates

Cheer On A Local Team

Now that things are beginning to open up again, you may want to get into sports. Even supporting the high school football team could be fun. Or, find a local minor league baseball team!

Attend A Community Event

Fortunately, smaller events in town usually cost much less than going to ones in a larger city. Some are even free! Make sure you check your town’s Facebook page for upcoming events!

Go On A Dessert Date

Instead of paying for a fancy meal, plus appetizers, desserts and drinks… Have dinner at home. Then, head out for a fancy dessert! That way, you get the perks of a night out for a fraction of the cost!

Watch The Sunset

Thankfully, you can make this a two in one! Grab some blankets and ride out of the city to watch the sunset together. Then, stay a little longer to star gaze!

Join A Club

Many clubs have weekly, bi-weekly or monthly meetings. Again, find one that interests both of you and try it out! Plus, it could help you get more involved in your community!

Read Before Bed

Particularly, find an interesting book to read together. By simply doing this for a few minutes each night, this could be a great way to bond. And, you basically get a mini-date every night!

Finally, Go Dancing

Not only can you head to a club, but you can do this in your living room! All you need is some good music and each other!

Thankfully, the world is beginning to come alive again. Which means, we get to have more date nights! I hope you’ll consider trying some of these fun frugal date ideas. Leave a comment below if you have any other fun ideas!

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