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Things to Stop Buying in 2021 To Save Money

Y’all really liked my post about living a more frugal life. So I thought I’d build on that a little bit. Because there are always more ways to save money if you’re willing to look. And we all know I am! Since many of you live much busier lives than me, I do not mind taking one for the team! So I did some more research. Then, I put these tips into practice. And came up with a list of 21 things to stop buying in 2021. But I know what you’re thinking…

This Is Going To Be Inconvenient

Not at all! The best part about this list is that it’s practical. I am a creature of convenience. So I’m not going to do anything that involves me doing a ton of extra work. And I definitely am not going to tell you to do something I wouldn’t do myself. That doesn’t mean you won’t think I’m crazy with some of these tips. Because I thought the same thing when I discovered them. But I promise if you give it a try, you probably won’t miss a single thing on this list!

And you know what’s even better? I’ve found that a bunch of these items help you diminish your footprint! What could be better than saving money and saving the world at the same time?! Not much, in my book. 

things to stop buying

21 Things to Stop Buying in 2021

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Household Things

Cleaning Products

Now, before you block me, hear me out. I’m not saying all cleaning products! But do you really need five different ones for every room or surface in your home? No. And many of the products you use have the same ingredients. The only difference is the fragrance. Which makes your bathroom no cleaner. I promise. Pro tip: Consider making your own!

Paper Towels

While we’re discussing cleaning products, you don’t need paper towels. Just use a towel or rag. I haven’t bought paper towels in almost a year. And I haven’t missed them at all! If you don’t have any extra towels or rags, use old clothes! Seriously. Ratty old t-shirts or even pillow cases are perfect for cleaning up messes.

Air Fresheners and Candles

I may be a bit biased because of my migraines. But I haven’t even thought about buying air fresheners or candles in years. Although, I was gifted two for Christmas that are nice. And will probably last me years! I’ve just never felt like air fresheners worked. And if they did, they usually gave me a migraine. Try opening a window if things feel stuffy.

Small Appliances

Every so often, a new appliance will go viral. And everyone will swear by it. Until something new comes along, of course. Like a Keurig or an Instant Pot. There’s nothing wrong with these items. Especially if you’re going to use them regularly for years. But if not, it’s not worth the splurge.

Decorative Things to Stop Buying

Seasonal Decor

We really don’t need all those decorations for every single season. Just consider that you’re probably spending tens if not hundreds of dollars to decorate for a couple of months. Then, you pack it away. And by next year, it’s “outdated.” I know it’s tempting to go all out. But use your decor from last year.

Holiday Decor

Same as seasonal. Except we have more holidays than we do seasons. Almost one per month, actually! So consider that next time you’re at Target or browsing Amazon. If you really want something new this year, try a DIY!

Decorative Pillows and Blankets

I don’t know what it is about these things. Why do I want every pillow or blanket I see? And the super embellished or furry ones never last. Between pets and kids, it gets destroyed within a year. So why waste the money? Find a couple of quality ones you can use and stick with!

Excess Furniture

This is especially important for those of us that move a lot. Or maybe you’re about to move for the first time. But you don’t need to fill up a space just because it’s there. Will you actually get use out of the pretty chair or table you want? Or is it simply for decor?

Fashion Things to Stop Buying

One Time Use Outfits

It is so tempting to buy a new dress for a special occasion. But if you truly don’t see yourself ever wearing that again… It’s not worth it. Trust me. I cringed when I had to purchase a bridesmaid dress the other day. Like, seriously. Why is that even a thing?

Costume Jewelry

I’m guilty of this. What can I say? Your girl loves funky earrings. But I have spent way too much on them. Only for me to wear a pair of gifted diamond studs almost every day. Find items you can wear regularly instead of things you’ll only use on a rare occasion.

Fast Fashion

Over-priced fashion pieces that fall apart after one use because they were made cheaply. Do I even need to say more? We have got to stop doing this y’all! Find quality products, so that it is actually worth the purchase. Or try to find a new way to wear what you already have!

Multiples of One Item

Is it really necessary to have twenty pairs of jeans? I have four pairs. Each is a different color. And I don’t even wear two of them 90% of the time. How often are you actually wearing the items that you have multiples of?

Food Things to Stop Buying

Water Bottles

I think most people have stopped buying plastic water bottles. But if you haven’t, here’s your sign. Stop buying them. They’re incredibly wasteful. Instead, you can get a water filter and reusable bottles. It will save you and the environment much more in the long run!

Fast Food

I’ve been very guilty of this one! When I spent a couple of years basically living on the road, fast food was my solace. It was my one (sort of) consistent thing in my life. But it is so unhealthy. Not to mention, incredibly overpriced. Try to pack food if you’re on the go as much as I was. 

Name Brand Groceries

I rant about this a lot. But some of you may not have gotten the hint yet. So I’m saying it again. Stop buying name brand food! Or if you do, use a coupon at least. 

Beauty Things to Stop Buying

Hair Dye or Hair Cuts

I know I lost y’all here. But I haven’t dyed my hair since 2018. And I’ve only paid for a haircut once in that time. It seems weird to even think about. But my hair is healthier and I save hundreds if not thousands a year. Seriously, I just did the math. If you pay around $150 and do it every six weeks… You’re looking at about $1,200 a year. Plus tips of course.

Manicures or Pedicures

I usually get one or the other once per year. On a special occasion. But I know there are people who get both every two weeks. Imagine how much that costs per year!

Other Things to Stop Buying


We really cut back on buying gifts last year. And I feel like holidays and birthdays were way less stressful! We also asked others not to buy for us. It brings clutter – and ultimately stress – into your home. Unless the gift is meaningful or useful, skip buying one at all! Pro tip: If you do buy a gift, use Miss Budget Bee’s gift wrapping guide to display your presents. Her guide will give you gorgeous results every time!


Y’all already know how I feel about these! If you haven’t already, go through your subscriptions and cancel them. I promise, there is at least one you don’t even realize you’re paying for. Imagine the hundreds of dollars you could save a year if you stopped them!

New Electronics

It’s beyond tempting to want the new gadget that everyone else is snatching up. But do you really need it? My phone works just fine. So I don’t need a new iPhone. My daughter’s iPad is literally the very first one that came out. Unless one of your electronics is detrimentally broken, you probably don’t need a new one. And even then, consider buying used. Or a cheaper alternative.

Paid Applications

I don’t use apps I have to pay for. Especially if there’s a free alternative. I only have one that is technically paid for. But I have the whole bundle on my laptop. So the one on my phone doesn’t actually require payment. (Did that make sense?) Also, I used my student discount to help pay for the bundle. So y’all better not tell anybody that I’ve graduated!

things to stop buying 2

There you have it! 21 things to stop buying in 2021! Or at the very least, you can cut back on how often you buy them! Deal?

 Which ones are you going to try? Do you have any other great items we should stop purchasing? Leave a comment below!

7 thoughts on “Things to Stop Buying in 2021 To Save Money”

  1. Excellent tips! It’s so easy to get caught up in the latest releases of electronics and holidays, but it’s just wasted money! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I loved reading your post. I stopped buying a lot of the things that you mentioned like air freshener but I still use good quality candles. They make the house smell better and the smell lasts longer compare to air freshener. I have a dog so I need to use something to remove the smell. I agree with you with the gifts, last Christmas we didn’t do lots of gifts but instead we did trips and my kids loved that better. We saved money and had fun. Thanks for the tips.

    1. Glad you liked the post! We also did trips/experiences versus toys with my daughter for Christmas and she loved them even more! Thank you for your tip about the candles as well! Great idea!

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