Holiday Gift Guide: Shop Local for Christmas

As many of you may know, I come from a small town. While I may not have necessarily loved it growing up, I still learned a lot from my small town life. One of those lessons being that shopping from local small businesses can be much more meaningful than shopping from bigger businesses. Which can be especially important during the holiday season! That’s why I created this holiday gift guide for local and small businesses!

Why, you may ask? Well, there are many reasons as to why it is so important to shop from small businesses. One reason is that when you shop from a local business, you are supporting your very own community! Many small businesses give back to the community by supporting recreational sports teams, dance studios, parades, and festivals. As well as any other event or extracurricular activity that your town has to offer. Not to mention, they’re some of the first ones to chip in when a local citizen is in need!

Another great reason is that small businesses usually have the BEST customer service! They have a smaller customer base. So, local businesses are able to put much more time and effort into ensuring that you have an amazing experience with them. Plus, they’re probably going to remember your name and maybe even what you’ve purchased from them in the past without having to look it up. Which is always nice! It’s so refreshing when a business is genuinely excited to have you compared to a larger business that isn’t.

Aren't Small Businesses More Expensive?

Well, they can be. But, it’s important to remember that the items you purchase from a small business are going to be better quality. They are usually hand made or locally sourced. So, they will likely last much longer than a lower quality item. Fortunately, small businesses will likely have sales around the holidays. That’s why I’ve created this holiday gift guide to help you find the perfect gift. Without having to worry about breaking the bank!

If you’re interested in trying to shop locally and small this holiday season, then check out this budget-friendly holiday gift guide!

Holiday Gift Guide: Shopping Local

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1. Salon and Spa

I bet even in your town, there are at least a few locally owned hair salons, nail salons, body waxing, brow bars, or spas you could purchase gift certificates from. They’re probably even running a special. Those would be excellent ideas for your loved one that could use a self-care day!

2. Clothing and Jewelry Boutiques

Have a fashionista in the family? Get your loved one a gift certificate to one of your local boutiques! If you really know their style and sizes, then pick out an item they’ll love to get for Christmas! You can find tons of cute, affordable items around the holidays.

3. Antiques

If you’ve got an antique lover in the family, then they’ll enjoy shopping at any of the antique stores in your community! The bonus? Most antiquers enjoy browsing just as much as buying. Spend the day window shopping for some free quality time this season.

4. Restaurants

Chances are, there is at least one locally owned deli, a bakery, ice cream shop, cafe, coffee shop, buffet, or any place that serves food. If you’ve got a foodie in the family, then they’ll love a trip to one of those! Plus, you can have some one-on-one time while enjoying your food!

5. Beauty and Skincare

I bet you have a locally owned business that sells makeup or skincare products, such as lotions and soaps. If you’ve got a family member who loves all things skincare and beauty related, then definitely get them a gift from there!

holiday gift guide

Holiday Gift Guide: Shopping Small

6. Vehicle Maintenance

It might seem a little silly to get an oil change or tire rotation for a Christmas present. But, it’s something you have to do if you own a vehicle. And I’m sure your town has a locally owned garage that can get the job done!

7. Art

Every family has at least one artist in the bunch! Get your loved one a piece of local art or sign them up for a fun art class taught by a member of your community. I’m sure it’ll be a hit for them!

8. Home Decor

If you ask around, I bet you’ll find that there’s a home decor store right downtown! Everyone has a family member whose home rivals that of any lifestyle influencer’s. And they’ll love a gift from a small business. Don’t have one in your area? Check out Timberwood Designs for a truly unique present!

9. Baby Boutiques

If you’ve got little ones in the family, then I’m sure they – along with their parents – will love a gift from one of your local boutiques. You can find one that sells baby clothes, baby accessories and keepsakes for a memorable gift!

10. Etsy

If you’re missing any of these small businesses from your community, then look online at Etsy. Many shop owners have small businesses and would love to help you on your quest for the perfect Christmas present. Plus, there are tons of great deals around this time of year! Need some gift inspiration? Check out StatiANNEry for the best planning and organization printables!

Comment below if you know any other great small business gift ideas!

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