Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Toddlers

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I am so thrilled about your response to the baby holiday gift guide, that I could not wait to share my toddler edition! This one was even more fun to make because it required a little less research on my part. Having a three-year-old myself, I am pretty familiar with the toys that are both fun and can be educational for them. 

I am a true believer that little ones respond well to play based learning, so I try to find toys that could potentially help them develop cognitive, social, language, fine motor and gross motor skills. Granted, not all the items on this list will be educational and some will be rather subtle, but they are still super fun for the little ones.

Plus, Lillian was more than willing to help me pick out toddler-friendly gifts that she truly loved! We thought, what better way to find presents for your toddler than to have a toddler pick them out for you? Unfortunately, she may believe some of these items are for her, so that’ll be more than fun to deal with on Christmas! Nevertheless, here are some of our top gift ideas for your toddler!

1. Outdoor Climber

This is a larger toy that would need to be set up outside, but would make a great addition to your toddler’s playground! Climbers such as this one are great for helping your little one develop their agility, coordination, and balance. Not to mention, it will keep your rambunctious tot entertained for long periods of time!

2. Small Trampoline

While we’re on the subject of outdoor gifts, a small trampoline would be perfect to add to your toddler’s playground! This trampoline is great because it’s not too small, but it’s not very big either. It is lower to the ground, which is perfect for your little one to climb in and out of and has a safety net to help prevent your little one from falling out.

3. Play Kitchen

Play kitchens are perfect for toddlers, both boys and girls! It’s an excellent way for them to use their imaginations while mimicking what they see us do in our real kitchens. My daughter loves her’s almost as much as she loves helping me cook in real life and Melissa & Doug offer tons of fun add-ons for your little one’s dream kitchen.

4. Smaller Play Sets

Speaking of Melissa & Doug, they have a ton of other fun gift ideas outside of play kitchens and their accessories. They have a multitude of great options that can help your little one explore their imagination while they play, such as a veterinarian play set, an ice cream shop play set, and even a pizza counter!

5. Vehicle Tower

There is just something about towers, ramps, and cars that make toddlers go crazy over vehicle tower play sets like this one! My daughter loves putting cars at the top of hers and watching them race down towards the bottom. Plus, my husband (who is also a child at heart) gets a kick out of it, too, so they can play with toys like this together.

Are there any other gift ideas that you think would be great for toddlers this holiday season? Let me know! And be sure to check back soon for my next post in this series: Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Preschoolers!

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