Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Infants

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As you all know it is now November, which means it is basically Christmas. AKA: officially time to start breaking out the holiday decorations, baking all the delicious goodies, and buying all those holiday gifts – if you haven’t already! I know many people, like myself, struggle to come up with the perfect presents for your loved ones, so I thought it could be useful to provide lists of some super fun gift ideas.

Now, I already have one giant list of gift ideas available on my Amazon storefront with items geared towards children from birth to tweens. Unfortunately, it’s not in any specific order, so you’ll have to scroll through everything to find something perfect for your little one. So, I thought I’d take all the work out of it for you by expanding on that and providing individualized lists for each age group!

1. Cute Night Lights

My daughter received a very similar night light a couple of years ago when she was one and absolutely loved it! This version comes with a remote, which is perfect for parents to use without having to go back into the baby’s room and risk disrupting them while they try to fall asleep. It also allows you to set a timer so you don’t have to worry about it running all night. Not to mention, it contains multiple music options as well as two different projection designs.

2. Stack Cup Toys

These toys are perfect for little ones because they consist of multiple colors, sizes, and have large numbers on the bottom. This is great for practicing color recognition as well as number recognition!

3. Fun Bath Toys

This floating bath toy is super cute and would make a great gift for your little one during bath time. My daughter wasn’t a huge fan of bath time until we found fun toys for her to utilize. Now, I have to drag her out!

4. Mega Bloks 

My daughter received the pink version of these building blocks when she was one and STILL uses them nearly every day. She will be four next week if that tells you anything! These are great because the blocks are a great size for little ones and are wonderful for developing fine motor skills while offering a creative outlet.

5. Learning Walkers

My daughter had a similar walker and absolutely loved pushing that thing around the house! This walker comes in multiple options and even offers a removable panel perfect for letting your little one play while they sit if they’re not quite comfortable with attempting to walk yet.

Let me know which of these you’re considering purchasing for your infant this holiday season! Also, stay tuned for my next post: Holiday Gift Guide 2020: Toddlers.

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