Top Five Moving Tips to Know Before You Move

As you’ve probably figured out by now, my family moves around a LOT. Which is why I’m practically an expert when it comes to moving tips! My hubby’s career requires you to drop everything and move. Sometimes in only a moment’s notice. This is so normal within his industry, they have coined the term “draggin’ up” as the practice of packing up everything you own and moving on to the next job. So, next time you pass a truck with a toolbox in the bed and a camper hooked to it, you can bet they’re draggin’ up!

Now, we’re a family of four if you include the cat – and I do. So, it’s not necessarily practical for us to live in a camper. We have considered it because it would make moving at a moment’s notice much easier. But we prefer a little more space, so that we’re not on top of each other. Not to mention, we own so much stuff. And a large portion of that stuff consists of large items. For example, the trampoline, the playhouse, and the big toolboxes full of heavy tools. These things definitely would not fit in a camper!

Why These Moving Tips Can Be Helpful

Fortunately, this time, my hubby and I have had a couple of months notice that we will be moving. This has made things less stressful because we won’t have to do everything at the last minute! Usually we’re throwing what we can into boxes and bags or just directly into the vehicles and trying to move as quickly as possible. Things get unorganized VERY quickly, which leads to frustration and tears. Usually on my end.

As November gets closer, I have been doing tons of research on the most efficient way for us to pack and move without frustration. Thankfully, I have been feeling more confident, since we will have so much time. But, I am still unsure about the best way to organize. Plus, this will be the first time my hubby and I won’t have help from family members because we’re so far away from them. Therefore, I have come up with a list of moving tips that will provide the best way to pack and move that will help you, too!

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Moving Tips To Know Before You Move

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Moving Tip: Purge

Decide if some of your items are worth moving! I know that might sound like a lazy piece of advice. But consider decluttering and getting rid of all the excess you may not want to bring with you to your new home. Not only will it give you less to worry about as you organize and pack, but you could also sell some of your items for extra cash! For example, my daughter’s play car that she would ride around in when she was two. It’s a cute toy and my daughter used to love it, but she’s nearly four now and hasn’t had much use of it lately. So, why even bother bringing it if it’s just going to sit in a garage? We decided that it wouldn’t be worth hauling so we sold it instead, which gave us some extra money! Cha-ching!

Give Yourself Time

The last thing you want to do is wait until the last minute to begin packing! Trust me. It will only lead to chaos and frustration. So, the best way to prevent this is by planning early. That way, you can begin going through your items slowly. It gives you time to purge what you don’t need before you even have to start thinking about packing. This will also give you time to plan how you’re going to coordinate your move. Thus, you will have the opportunity to collect moving materials, find a moving truck or company, and ask for help!

Moving Tip: Find Free Boxes

You should start looking for free boxes as soon as possible! You can use old boxes from all those Amazon packages you’ve ordered, ask friends or family members to set aside their boxes for you, and even go to small businesses to ask for their boxes. It might sound a little weird to ask for a random store’s old boxes, but many of them have quality boxes that are sturdy and large. And they are only going to a recycling or trash bin anyway. You also want to make sure you get large and small boxes to use as well! Large boxes are great for packing multiple lightweight items. But small boxes can be great for heavier items as heavy items are more likely to fall through a large box!

Hire A Moving Company

Since my hubby and I won’t be getting help from family this time, we have considered hiring a moving company. I’ve already started searching for who we’re going to use. I recommend finding multiple options to look into before making a choice! You’ll want a company who is licensed with good reviews and a protection plan in the event that your items are lost or damaged. We found an business called Atlanta Peach Movers that is a full service moving company which offers local and long distance services. They provide services such as packing with their own quality supplies for maximum protection as well as government moving. This company prides itself on its expert care, making it an excellent choice for your moving needs!

Moving Tip: Get Organized

No matter how far you’re moving or whether you’re doing it all by yourself, the best thing you can do is get organized! After you’ve purged the items you no longer use and gotten your boxes together, you need to plan the best way to pack your items. I suggest doing it room by room so you don’t get overwhelmed trying to pack every room at once. Make sure you tape the bottom and top of your boxes, so your items don’t fall out. And label the boxes with the room they belong in. As well as if it contains fragile items!

As I mentioned before, put your heavy items in smaller boxes so they don’t fall through the bottom of the larger boxes. As you’re loading the truck, you’ll want to make sure you put your heavier boxes into the bottom of the moving truck. Then, place your lighter boxes towards the top. This will ensure the heavy boxes don’t crush anything lighter underneath them. You’ll also need to have cushion in the boxes with your fragile items. Bubble wrap and packing paper are great to use! But if you don’t have those, you can use your towels, blankets, or even pillows to help protect your valuables from breaking.

I hope these tips are helpful and you have a peaceful and efficient moving experience! Comment below and let me know if you have any other great moving tips!

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  1. Make sure you label your boxes….kitchen, bathroom, Lillian’s room, etc. so when the boxes are unloaded they can be put in the right space.

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