Top Home Upgrades to Make Before Selling

I know I’ve mentioned that we move around a lot due to my hubby’s job. But what you may not know is that we actually own a home! Unfortunately, three short months after purchasing, my husband lost his job. Then, he was forced to move to another state to continue his career. For years we had to pay rent for my hubby and the mortgage on our home. All while my infant daughter and I stayed back, so I could finish my education. But now I’ve graduated! And we have been considering home upgrades ever since.

The long distance was a major strain on our family due to the time spent apart. Also because of the amount of money we were spending to live in two states. This led my daughter and I to move in with my hubby during quarantine. Fortunately, I was able to finish my last semester online. It was so great to finally have my little family all together in one state again. But we still had our house back in our hometown to worry about.

Why Not Rent?

Thankfully, we have been able to rent the house out for a while. But my husband and I have reluctantly agreed that landlord life is not for us. We’ve experienced fighting tenants, pets, upset neighbors, ruined floors, broken leases, and late-night emergencies. So we simply do not think we are cut out to be landlords. This brought us to the decision that the next option is for us to sell it!

It is a very exciting idea! But there are a few home upgrades we need to do before we put our house on the market. Naturally, there are a ton of nitpicky little things I want to fix. But I thought it would be best if we focus on updates that will increase the value of the home. So I’ve been doing some research lately. And I’ve come up with a list of five updates we can do to increase its value before we list it.

How to Increase Your Home's Value

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home upgrades to make before selling

Home Upgrade 1: Remodel the Bathrooms

According to HGTV, a minor bathroom remodel can get an average return on investment of 102% when the house is sold! Since our house has two bathrooms that are rather small and outdated, I think remodeling them would be a huge improvement for our house! Some ideas we will most likely implement are painting the walls, installing a new sink, adding a new mirror, updating the lighting fixtures, adding a new towel rack, re-caulking and glazing the bathtub, and scrubbing and re-grouting the tile. Plus, there are so many great home upgrade ideas for bathrooms available on Pinterest!

Home Upgrade 2: Remodel the Kitchen

Remodeling the kitchen is probably one of the home upgrade projects I’m most excited to tackle! Coincidentally, it is also the project my husband is most terrified of. Something tells me he’s only scared for his wallet though! Of course, we all dream of gorgeous new granite countertops when we think of a kitchen remodel and I am right there with you, so he should be afraid – very afraid! But many people are able to invest a very small amount into their kitchens that pay off. I want to paint the cabinets, add backsplash, and get new countertops!

Home Upgrade 3: Landscaping

I feel like this may be one of the most underrated and yet necessary updates that people may not think of. Many times, we get so caught up with remodeling the inside that we completely forget about the outside. Unfortunately, the outside is the very first thing someone sees when they come to look at your house. So the curb appeal is absolutely vital to increase the value of your home and get buyers interested in your property. For our house, we have over two acres, but basically no landscaping has been done around the home. So we will be starting with a clean slate! I can’t wait to add some shrubbery and smaller trees around the house for this home upgrade!

Home Upgrade 4: The Exterior

I think this also goes along with the landscaping. But obviously making improvements to the exterior of the house itself will increase a buyer’s interest and up the curb appeal. We have a brick home, so we are going to have it professionally cleaned right before we put it on the market. We also have a few areas where the mortar between the bricks in the stairs leading up to the porches have worn away over time. So we are going to have that fixed as well. Another great idea to implement would be to paint the front door. Ours is plain white, so we are going to choose a fresh, bright color that invites the buyer to come inside!

Home Upgrade 5: Porches and Decks

The final home upgrade we plan to do before selling is remodeling our back deck! We live in the South where grilling out on the back deck is a huge tradition. So this is a perfect update for buyers in our location. Our house is also located further back off the road with woods surrounding the back yard. So the addition of a larger deck, along with the privacy provided by the yard, is perfect for buyers who enjoy hosting parties. Thankfully, from being in Georgia, we were able to find a company called Brazilian Wood Depot. It offers a variety of popular wood species that are perfect for decking, siding and flooring. The real wood outdoor decking that can be found at the Brazilian Wood Depot are more durable and cost-friendly than manmade decking. Which makes this the perfect place to buy hardwood for home remodeling!

home upgrades tips

We plan to have our house on the market next Spring. So we are about to begin these updates very soon! Are you planning to do any home remodeling before putting your house on the market? Let us know in the comments below which projects you are going to take on!

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