How to Make Money from Home in 2021

Let’s be honest – 2020 was a crazy ride for all of us! If you were a senior in college this past spring like I was, then you know how scary things got for us. Both academically and financially. There was the fear that we may not pass classes. Which would result in losing scholarships. Then, the terror that we may not get to graduate at all. Leading to the fear that we’d have to pay for another semester of classes. Not to mention, the biggest fear of all was losing job opportunities. It felt like the entire world shut down. And right when doors were supposed to open for us. Not to mention, student loans were hovering over our heads like a storm cloud waiting to burst… So, many of us are looking for ways to make money from home!

It didn’t help my situation that I’m also a mommy. And we were supposed to move to another state upon my graduation in May. (Which got pushed way forward thanks to quarantine.) Many people didn’t know that my husband lived in another state. Which meant we had to pay our mortgage at home along with his rent there. Plus two sets of utility bills, two sets of groceries, two car payments, and honestly the list could go on. We were basically paying double on everything. So needless to say, my anxiety about our finances kicked in full force during the pandemic. And it hasn’t settled down yet!

On the Bright Side

Thankfully, none of us have gotten sick! And this quarantine gave my family time to slow down. We’ve been able to prioritize our lives for the first time in two years. My daughter and I were able to move in with my hubby full time. Which was a huge relief on its own. Being together like this also led me to decide that I enjoyed staying home. I wanted to spend more quality time with my family. It was much better than stressing over working. Or focusing on school for countless hours every day. Much like I had been doing for years.

While I was beyond excited to begin this new chapter of my life with fresh eyes and brand new priorities, there was still that ever present storm cloud looming in the distance. Therefore, I decided to begin focusing on ways I could generate income from home. That way I could help cushion our pockets! Thankfully, I’ve found a few ways that you can also make money from home. All while decluttering your house. And without having to do a ton of work. (Triple win in my book!)

How to Make Money from Home

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how to make money from home

1. Make Money from Home Selling Jewelry

One of the best ways to begin earning extra cash is to go through your old jewelry! I had no idea how much some of my older pieces that I hardly wear could be worth until I found Chapes-JPL. Chapes-JPL is a company based out of Atlanta, Georgia that will give you cash for your jewelry, gold, diamonds, and even Rolex watches – no matter what condition they are in! They also offer online assessments for your jewelry before you even walk in the door. Chapes-JPL has other services as well, such as small business loans in Atlanta and low interest loans on valuable assets. This trusted company has served customers all over the nation for nearly 40 years and could be a great way for you to sell some of your valuable jewelry for extra cash!

2. Selling Designer Clothes and Accessories

Another great way to make extra cash is to sell some of your designer clothes you no longer wear. A trick I learned to decide if I no longer wear an item is to turn the clothes hanger around after I take it out of the closet so that the hanger is facing the opposite direction. After a few months, if an item’s hanger has not been turned around, then I know I haven’t worn that item and probably wouldn’t miss it if I decided to sell it. A good place to sell designer pieces is Poshmark because you can reach people all over the world who are interested in the same designer items you may have! Many people have even made jobs out of purchasing designer clothes second-hand for cheap and then reselling it for a higher price!

3. Make Money from Home Selling Clothing Budles

If you’re also interested in selling clothes that are not designer, another option could be to bundle multiple items together and sell the whole lot for a discounted price. For example, sometimes I may list a set of 10 t-shirts for sale for say $20 instead of trying to list one item at a time. This can be super helpful when you’re purging a ton of items out of your closet before a move or if you’re looking for some quick cash. A good place to do this is on your Facebook Marketplace because you can sell the items locally without having to worry about shipping.

4. Selling Children's Items

A really efficient way to make extra cash is by selling your children’s old baby clothes or toys. I say this is efficient because parents will buy discounted baby items very quickly! I’ve sold baby clothes and toys the same day I listed it! These types of items can be sold multiple ways, too. For example, I’ve listed a box of size 9-month girl clothes for $40 on Marketplace and had it sold within a couple of days! I’ve also listed some of my daughter’s outfits that were pricier or only worn once by itself for maybe $10 or $15. I’ve done the same with my daughter’s old toys as well. The bigger items that are in great condition, I’ve been able to sell for $10 and $20 a piece in the past and had them gone by the weekend!

5. Make Money from Home Selling Household Items

A great way to make extra money is by selling your furniture or decor items that you no longer wish to have. This can be great if you’re moving (like I was) or if you simply wish to redecorate your home. I’ve been listing items on Marketplace that don’t work well in our new space. Sometimes, I’ve been able to sell a piece of furniture for more than I paid for if I purchased it second-hand and refinished it. If you find you really enjoy selling furniture that you’ve redone, you could frequent Goodwills or yard sales and buy cheap furniture to flip and then sell. That would be a super fun way to earn extra cash each month while enjoying a new hobby!

Bonus Tip!

Don’t forget you can also earn cash back on everyday errands! Upload your grocery receipts to Ibotta to earn cash for your groceries. I earn a few bucks each week just by doing this simple trick!

Those were my top 5 ways of earning extra cash while decluttering my home! I’ve managed to get rid of so many items I had laying around that I no longer used while also making money to help pay the bills. Comment below if you decide to try any of these and how well it works for you!

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