Please join me as we explore the world of personal finance.

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My story of Finding the Truth about Personal Finance

I grew up in a small Southern town located in South Carolina. In our household, it was considered rude to talk about money. Especially someone’s personal finances. If you had questions, you were considered nosy. If you wanted to celebrate a success, you were bragging. But I had a major problem with that.

You see, I was a very curious child. So when I saw someone with a fancy new vehicle or brand new home, I needed more information. I wanted to know what they did for living. How much money does this person make per year? Do they have a spouse or children? Have they invested any of it? How did they get to this point?

Little did I know, I would learn all about this aspect in College! Thus, my love for all things personal finance began. And now that I’ve studied it and begun applying it to my life, I want to pass this information along to others. Because you may also be just like that curious child that I was, but had no clue where to start!

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Learn Financial Literacy

Our key goal here at SRK is to teach you financial literacy. When you become financially literate, you are able to make more informed financial decisions. Those decisions will not only benefit you now, but also your future. Not to mention, your family’s future as well.





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Reader’s Thoughts

These are awesome tips – I like how you broke them down, so each individual item feels totally doable.



This is so inspiring! Most of my friends or even family are not open in discussing this topic. Luckily, my partner is. I hope you inspire more people to work on their financial literacy as well.



I’m glad you have discussed the various types of savings accounts that can help save for the future. Thanks.



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